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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our little dancing Grape

So it's been awhile since I've done an update...
Had some other things I needed to catch up on first.
But I'm going to try to be back from now on, Specially since I have ALOT to talk about!

If you havn't heard the news already...

We waited a little bit to tell anyone, but the from the few people we told, a select couple was to excited to keep the news to themselves

*Ahem* ...Mom & Dad... *Ahem*

But thats okay, we are excited to, & it gave us the excuse to announce the big news!!

We thought we were only 4 weeks along... The baby was supposed to be sooooo tiny still:

Now we have been through 2 appointments, 2 ultrasounds, and 2 months growing.

(This was my first belly shot taken on 9-6-12...
 I made it to 8lbs from my goal weight! Rrrgh... but Oh well!! I'm okay with it!)

Yup, You heard me right, 2 MONTHS!!

At our first ultrasound,
we found out that instead of being barely 4 weeks along, I was almost 2 months!!!
 7 weeks 3 days to be exact:

...I'm nausous, bloated, crampy, sleepy, irritable...
and dont even get me STARTED on food.

My inner FatGurl is NOT happy.

Everything smells horrible once I notice it, Let alone being able to get anything into my mounth... my stomach has been empty for so long, I have barely ate anything in the last month & a half. I've even lost weight because of it.


But its all okay, cause it's all worth it. I'm trying my best not to whine or complain and just be appreciative for the miracle I've been given.

So as of today, we are 10 weeks :)

(Ultrasound @ 9 weeks, 2 days)

During the last ultrasound baby was dancing around doing the worm dance,
Kicking and wiggling it's arms!!

Weighing in at a whopping fraction of an ounce...

& the size of a grape! :)

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Today's photo:



Breezie said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! keep my God baby all nice and healthy :)

Shell Fruscione said...

Congrats!! How exciting! I hope you start feeling better soon!

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