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Monday, April 28, 2014

My baby boy is ONE!

*Unfortunately, things have been a bit hectic for us the last few weeks
 resulting in me not being able to get these posts up at the correct times. So sorry about that!*

I can't believe it. 

Has it seriously been 365 days since this beautiful little boy made his way into my world with such wonderfully tiny hands and breathtaking eyes and a heart stopping smile?

It hardly feel like its been a year.. Now I see what they mean by time flies..

And just look at my little man now,

 He's even walking now! Do you know how crazy that is? But so Awesome...

Everyday he makes me smile more and more, teaching me to view things a different way and laugh about everything. Showing me again and again not to take life so seriously and to enjoy the here and now before its the gone and done. 

Happy Birthday Kai Nicolas!

I love this kid more than life itself, our family was truly incomplete without him!

All photos thanks to Jeni @ Jeni Woodman Photography!
She is the ONLY one I trust with these yearly memories.


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