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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Preggo life is whoppin' my butt.

Things have been moving pretty 
swiftly the past few weeks. 

Ryan & I are doing are best to keep up.

First, we did the 3-hour glucose test. It sucked HORRIBLY & with my hypoglycemia kicked in to full gear, I was extremely uncomfortable & sick by the end of it.. but thankfully everything came out good! No diabetes. :)

Though I have started to gain weight back...
 but that was to be expected at this stage in the pregnancy.

(I still have to take this months picture)

We went up to talk to Dr. Rockstar about the results & do our monthly appointment, and every thing was fine... He told me I was no longer high-risk & it was looking like I didn't have to come back in for another 4 weeks! I was very happy.. until he went to listen to the babies heartbeat.. & something was off.

The babies heart was skipping a beats & double beating. 

I started to worry.. Dr. Rockstar put me on the monitor immediately for a NST & confirmed that there was some irregularities. He said to have them look at it with an ultrasound the next day at my follow-up with the specialist. When we did that, they again confirmed the irregularities. Apparently my little one has a flap in his heart, that is to big for his heart, & it's touching a part of the heart that it's not supposed to & spazing it out a little. 


Now according to all of the doctors this is something that isn't common, but isn't rare. Something that shouldn't be freaked out about, but shouldn't be ignored. Something that normally clears itself up before or shortly after birth, but can lead to a more serious arrhythmia. 


To me... 
thats sounds like a HELL of alot of unknowns & not-sures & we-will-just-have-to-see's.
 To many for my comfort level anyways.

I was informed that I was now being recommended to be put on NST once a week for the next 4 weeks. Just to monitor and make sure everything was okay.

Atleast from the appointment I got some cute ultrasounds, & free 3d ultrasounds!

Next, Ryan & I began the preparations for being temporarily moved back to the Seattle area until after the baby is born. After a few trips back & forth & a long two weeks being stuck in Seattle because of to much snow in the pass.. we finally have pretty much everything to last over here for the next 2 and a half months. 

Also,Ryan & I have now started our baby classes together in Spokane... & I've been pretty consistently in conversation with Gibby & Mimi in planning my
 2 baby showers. :) That I'm very excited about!!

On top of all that, Ryan & I came to the conclusion,
that we are changing the babies name. 

It's been Kaleb forever...
 but we just aren't feeling it anymore. So the name has been changed:

Kai Nicolas Russell

I'm so happy with the change...
 and though it is taking us awhile to switch over, it's really something I'm satisfied with! 

And that's pretty much it. as of right now, I have one more NST left, & his heart is still consistently showing PAC's... so more than likely They will want to continue monitoring me. Though Dr. Rockstar is pretty confident right now that it doesn't seem to be affecting the baby.. he's still extremely active and happy. So that's good news. :)

I'll keep you all posted as much as I can... Danielle no longer has internet at her house (Where we are staying while we are in Seattle) so I don't get to be online much.

I miss talking with all of you! I'm still on 


on the daily.. and normally pretty friggin lonely.... hit me up!! :)

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