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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sumtimes, It Takes me A Minute...

... To remember who my TRUE friends Are...

Crying 1
And it makes me sad

When it comes down to it I have my few..

Your amazingly compassionate, & understanding,
And waaay stronger than me.
I have no idea how you wake up & move on each day.
It hurts me to think your willing to stick by my through everything, 
even tho I know how much it tears you up inside.
I appreciate your selflessness.
&& love Beating you eternally for it.

Even when we drift apart...
Your still closer than ANYONE.
Knowing me better than myself sometimes,
You calm me down when I can't seem to find my breath,
You make me smile when I See nothing but black,
You make me feel like I MEAN Something, I'm not alone.
I Can't EXIST without you there to hold my hand
when I feel I cant stand up anymore...
More than a friend, more than a sister, more than a soul mate
And its Stronger than Any love I Could Explain.

No matter what we go through.
No matter how MAD I get at you
No matter how BITCHY I Get
No matter how much I push you to your limit..
You still stand by me.
You still are there to be one of my BEST friends.
You know the real me behind the fake smile.
the sad, self-conscious, damaged, && depressed.
..And even after all of that
(Even though I know I make it hard not to)  
you don't JUDGE me.
Your still willing to look everyone in the face & say  
"Yup, That's MY Friend"
I Appreciate, &&Love you more than I act.
I hope you know that.

My twin, in ways I'll never understand.
Allowing me the luxury of being silly & stupid around you,
providing the structure and honesty of a brother when I need it the most.
You lend your ear when I just need someone to listen,
You speak your piece with "no sugar" when I feel I need to be told,
& then provide your shoulder when i need to let my walls crumble & fall...
Even if I only do for a moment.
Your understanding is amazing..
you patience with me is a complete skill.
Thank you for always being you.

You ARE my sunshine 'lil one.
Plain & Simple.
my heart, my soul..
You are my escape.

These people need to know that they mean MORE to me than anything.
&& I hope That I don't ever push them far enough.. that they give up on me.

I'm Trying.
With EVERY ounce of strength That I have Left.

**But Sometimes I feel like I may not win this time.
I want to just give up.**

So please,
allow your patience to see through my facade and still love me 
for who you know I still AM under all this mess.

It's Still Me,
just a little lost.

So Sometimes, It takes me A Minute...



A wise friend once said...

"I don't know why things happen the way they do sometimes. 
But through all the chaos, there's just too much order for it to be simple coincidence. 
Fate is inescapable. 
Sometimes pain is necessary to remind us of what's real, and what's important. 
Things may not always happen the way you want or expect, 
but they always work themselves out. 
Sometimes you find things when you're not even looking. Serendipity. "



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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Lemonade

...Check out my stand...

& it the spirit of FTLOB's

I encourage ALL of you to stop by the Lemonade Blogs
& check some of them out! 
(Check click on a stand to be whisked into 
each wonderful world!)

Happy Wandering!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LOVE. What happens after you find it?


Love. What happens after you find it?

Honestly? I don't know anyone who can give me the TRUE answer to that.

That little four letter word that can make or break this big world you call life. 
You never even know when it really hits you... that's the sad part. 

When you THINK its there.. its almost surely a false alarm, brought on by this growing urge for the feeling of complete companionship... but then.. when all the sudden the butterflies morph into something more.. 
you think "god, I'm so comfortable with this person. Its so nice here..."

You don't even realize you have drifted of to love land. Sometimes you even DOUBT it. 

"I'm not in LOVE. Love is such a strong word.. its only barely serious!"

....but then you start to think of quirky, off the wall reasons to text them in the middle of the day, or even stop by for a quick lunch. You start to skip hanging out with your friends doing your NORMAL weekly rituals.. just to sit and watch TV with them.. or just go for a drive. 
You smile more, care more about how you look genuinely instead of in a material way. 
(you wanna make sure those sweats and messy bun look cute on you for movie night..) 

And at first you get the normal roust from the posse. 
"what happened to you?" "your never around." "What about us?" 

Sometimes these territorial comments can cause a small tear in friendships.. but normally, only for a short while. Then, just as fast as the feelings hit you, the friends start to accept the changes, feel happy for you, even encourage them.. inviting your significant new half out to BBQ's and dinners.. claiming they have to get to know them EVENTUALLY. 

When the dust comes to settle and you realize that yes..
maybe you are in four letter turf.
a mixture of happiness and fear arises.. even if its only for a split second.

So you have found LOVE. what now? 

Apts, bills, curtains, and clothes.. bathroom arguments, funny inside jokes, small pet peeves that are daily put to test, a personal midnight Teddie bear? 

A million trillion things can happen once you have decided you have FOUND love..
how am I to be the one to tell you what they SHOULD be? 

I Think to each his own.

Maybe to you love means marriage, home, kids... 
maybe to some one else, it means a lifetime road trip partner. 
It might even just be an AMAZING new pair of shoes...

You JUST never know.

I don't think there should be a dictionary description to what is and isn't right. The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you YOU love, well, that's just fabulous. 

I think that if you feel strongly enough that its genuinely, absolutely, truly the biggest and best choice you have ever made to let those four little letters slip..
Then you have found a happiness that some spend a lifetime searching for.

And To that?

Bravo.. I do say ....BRAVO. 

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Monday, March 21, 2011

... Oh boy...

 Mallori of 

tagged me in the handwriting meme.
(Not quite sure what a "meme" is...)

But here is my answers:

The Questions:
1. What's your name/blogger name?
-Jaimie / Legos In My Pocket

2. What's your blog's url?

3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
-This one was so irritating... I'm seriously dyslexic & OCD... 
I re-wrote this thing 20 times I swear...

4. Favorite quote?
-"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
the Courage to change the things I can, 
& the Wisdom to know the differance" 
-Serenity prayer

5. Your favorite band/singers?
- Always & Forever my favorite will be Linkin Park

got me through alot as a kid.
(I kno I kno.. I can't draw that symbol to SAVE me.. I gave up. )

6. Your favorite song?
Anything by Florence + the Machine or John Mayer

7. Anything else you want to say?
-"If I just breathe,
let it fill the space between
I'll know everything is alright.
Every little piece of me, 
you'll see...
Everything is alright,
If I just breathe"
-PS - I accidentally flipped 5 & 6 around.. i did it every time I wrote it.. not sure why...
-PSs -I LOVE my readers to the END of the world & back! You all ROCK!!

8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate:

-Lindsey - Tidbits Parenting

-Laura - Cameron Crazy Mom

-Ashley - The Tale of Two Taylors

(Beacuse for some reason I feel the need to tag her in EVERYTHING!) 

-Amanda - The Forever Endeavor

The Forever Endeavor


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Im missing you

See my full list: HERE  
Day 30
A picture of someone you miss.

 Baby Grandma


...Most of all...
 ...If I could get just one more day with her... 


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smiles are contagious

See my full list: HERE  
Day 29 
A picture that can always make you smile. 


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainbow MAGIC!

I wanted to join in for St. Patty's day,  So I made these delicious bits of scrum.didditly.umptious!!

Arnt they cute??

Why don't you try them!?
...Ready your station...
(I made 3 batches of 24 MiNi Cupcakes!)

Take 2 boxes of 
Prepare according to box directions then separate 
into 6 different "batches" & add food coloring till at desired color. 
( Make sure you have one for each color of the RAINBOW!)


Now pour some of each cake "batch" its own separate Ziploc bag, starting with the bottom color of your rainbow... (Purple, then blue, then green, etc.) Snip one bottom corner off, and "pipe" each layer into bottom of your cupcake cups.

Fill cupcake cups to BRIM with batter 
to achieve nice puffed "muffin-tops"

Now just bake according to directions on the box!

These beautiful little babies pop right out and are so delicious & fun to eat! The cake batter is pretty sweet, so I piped a fluffy Cool Whip cloud on top!

I served the first batch of these on our most recent ladies night & they were a HUGE hit! 
(Apparently they made us grownups feel like little kids, eating rainbows...)

I found this idea HERE


Ps. What did YOU do to celebrate St. Patty's Day???


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