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Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet me on Monday!

I saw this on

a new blog I came across today, & thought it sounded fun!


1.  What are you wearing right now?
2.  Do you have any freckles?
3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?
4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
5.  Would you rather live without TV or without music?
My Answers!

1.  What are you wearing right now?
 New jeans, clean socks, Champ Shoes, Striped T, Wedding ring...
And to top it all off?
hubby's old 2XL caulk-covered work sweatshirt. :)

2.  Do you have any freckles?
 not really.. & the ones I do have are those really dark, "flat-mole" kind.. you know? the ones that look like seriously dark suntanned freckles or "beauty marks"? puh...

3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?
holy cow, I havnt had a lifesaver in years.. when it comes to the original flavors, it's cherry. It's ALWAYS cherry with me.. no matter what the item, I always prefer Cherry.
But Special flavors? 
I could eat some Butterscotch till the cows came home!

4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
On Valentines date night with the Roomies!
It was hilarious... DEVLIN!

5.  Would you rather live without TV or without music?
Well I could never be without music.. plus.. not many TV shows or movies would be as awesome without the MUSIC in the background... :)

Who are you??


Hey you!

In case you hadn't already, 
(if you have a free moment)
check out my Photography blog:

Click HERE or on the photo!

More photography, less drama.

Today I posted some great pictures about Seattle's Bi-Polar Weather this week
& another photo contest entry!

New Followers welcome,
Personal opinions as well! :)
Hope you can check it out!


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MFBLegos In My Pocket

Love Letters

It's the last day of February.

The month of
<3 LOVE <3

So, to celebrate on this last day, I'm thinking a few Love Letters are due.


Dear Ryan,
Thank you for taking such good care of your sickly wife. Getting me tissues & juice, watching my girlie shows, even taking me out for the hot tea & WonTon soup 
 I just HAD to have.
I <3 You!

Dear Nyquil,
Thank you for being so amazing at drugging me up so I don't feel the sickyness...
(Though I could do without the whole drunk feeling if I don't want to sleep!)
I <3 You!

 Dear Mazda,
Thank you for never leaving my side ALL week while I was sick, even if it meant taking up my ENTIRE side of the bed for your incredibly teeny body, furious sleep kicking, and loud bulldog-pug snore
I <3 You!

Dear V8 Mango-Peach juice,
Your so delicious, so sweet. Perfect at any temperature, wonderful with any meal!
How did I ever live without you?
I <3 You!

Dear Roomies,
Thank you for being the most understanding, loving, fun, hilarious, & down right 
amazing people we have EVER had the pleasure of calling family. 
We laugh with each other, we tease each other, 
we irritate each other, we want to kill each other.
Even through all our high points, & all our low points,
We'd never want to go through ANY of it with anyone else!
You two are our BEST friends.
I <3 You!

Dear Desperate Housewives,
Your constant drama filled lives reminds me I don't have it that bad. 
Plus, I love snuggling with my hubby just to watch you.
I <3 You!

Ladies of Girls Night,
You gals give me something to look forward to each week. No matter if its learning how to lose at poker, prank calling pizza joints (& husbands) or simply gossiping away while you be guinea pigs for my latest baking experiment. You girls light up my life!  
I'm proud to call you my closest friends!
I <3 You!

Dear old sweatpants, 
Your worn so thin, I have to roll you to keep you up, & you have holes in the bum, but no other pair of comfies make me feel quite as happy as you. 
I <3 You!

 Dear Danielle,
 Your the most amazing kid I've ever met. Plain & simple. We've always been close, & that will NEVER change. No matter what you will always have me there to back you up, help you fall, pick you up, help you cry, watch you smile, & make you laugh.
Since the begining, it's been me & you. 
That's how it will be till the end 'Chitlin.
I <3 You!

Dear Cellphone,
You tell me the time. You give me phone calls. I can text, email, surf, & blog with you. You take amazing pictures. You keep my calender up to date. You have awesomely addicting games. you even let me check-in at places for the useless badges that I adore so much.
your EVERYTHING (almost) I need! ;)
I <3 You!

Dear Niecie,
Thanx for just being plain awesome Chunky Monkey!
You remind me to smile when I almost forget how. 
I <3 You!

Dear hippo,
When i'm sick, When I'm sad, When I', sleepy, When I'm mad.
Your the BEST cuddle buddy a girl could ask for.
I <3 You!

Dear Teej
After this long, and your still there for me when I need you. You always know EXACTLY what I need too... Even if I don't need anything other than a "hello. :)"
I <3 You!

Who would YOU 
write Love Letters to??


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MFBLegos In My Pocket

Bluuue.. Blue blue blue for you


These little guys hang out on my fridge. 
Ryan &  I got them on our honeymoon....
We bought something from a gift shop in 
every little town we went to...These were my favorites. <3

See the original post HERE


Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Holy Cow!!
My photo was chosen as TOP 5 on 
Captivus Living's "Serene" Photo Challenge!

Now I'm in the running for top 3!

Oh I'm so excited! I've never been top 5 for anything!

If you want, click HERE or on 
myphoto to see all 5 of the top entries & make 
your vote for YOUR favorite!!


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MFBLegos In My Pocket

Friday, February 25, 2011

You wanna do my Make-up??

Not that im HUGE into fashion...
But every now & again, things will catch my eye.

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine &,
These are some of the makeup trends we can look forward to for 2011:

Wine hues were top choice on the runways.
Try a Merlot, a deep burgundy, even a Sangria shade will do..

No more waterline only!
Eyeliners got the bump up!
Try adding a little attitude to your style with a sexy, yet bold winged cat eye.

Though Autumn is the season for Little Black Dresses, don't let your look fall short!
A splash of color on your lips or eyes
can be just enough, without being to much...

Pass on the big sassy lashes,
 Fall faces were flawlessly glowing!

 Speaking of Little Black Dresses, Smoky eyes are a definite wardrobe staple.
Mix it up! 
From smoldering to hazy to downright sexy.

Normal smoky eyes not your style?
Glamor them up  with heavy pigments in metallic silvers and slates.
What was the "it" color for eyes this season?
Everything from soft mattes to bright shimmers for the autumn season.


See the article HERE


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MFBLegos In My Pocket

Lady Luck is a fickle bitch

See my full list: HERE 

Day 24
A picture of something you wish you could change.

Ryan & I have HORRIBLE luck.
Let me give some examples:
Ryan's car "Diego" was stolen right
before Christmas a few years back.

A drunk new teenage driver (with NO INSURANCE) 
ran into my new car "Sam" a month beforehand.

Ryan was laid off from work shortly after "Diego" was stolen.
We have to go on unemployment.

Borrowed a car ( "Bo" ) 
from our friend Josh, 
then someone backed their car into it, pushing it into another.

We got "Diego" stripped almost beyond recognition..

A few months later we decided to Finally get married 
on our 7th year anniversary six months later, 
So we can try to start having a baby.

I was laid off from my job, received unemployment for a month, found out I was DENIED, 
& owed that $ back.

 I get a new job, & we make the decision that we are going to buy "Bo" from Josh. .
The MONTH before the wedding, we ended up having to also moving out 
of the apt we had lived in for 5 years, because inflation was to high.
 (We live in Josh's parents living room for that month)

We check on our storage unit, to find an entire colony of ants have moved into our couch
Need new unit, need new couch.

Not pregnant yet.

"Bo" had been taken in for an full import style tune-up as a present to Ryan for our wedding.
(Detachable steering wheel, kill switch, alarm... plus all his fancy boy stuff)
Receipts Josh had gotten from the original owners were fake
= an EXTRA $2000 worth of parts & tuning.
Finally leave for Honeymoon.
Get to Tillamook, OR & find out that we only have $400 cash... 
my purse with all our $ and bank cards still at home.
 Move into apt with new roommates (Melissa & Anthony) AS SOON as we get home.

Anthony proposes to Melissa at Christmas, Melissa gets pregnant end of January.
I'm still not pregnant.

The four of us move to a bigger apt with a garage.

I get laid off, AGAIN.

Our pug Mazda majorly hurts his back.. loses use of back legs.
6 weeks off his feet & possibility of major permanent damage & needing surgery

*Things went okay for a few months*

Help throw Melissa & Anthony's wedding.

Have a great summer vacation.

One year of trying, STILL no pregnancy.

Ryan  runs out of unemployment.

Someone breaks INTO our garage, steals "Bo" & all of Ryans tools & extra car parts.
(The steering wheel was detached, kill switch flipped, alarm set, AND MAIN FUSE PULLED.)
...At least we have my car...
Same day Melissa has major pregnancy scare.

Anthony borrows my car for work, accidentally seizes motor.

I start having major health issues, not sure what is wrong.

Melissa finds out Annaise is Frank breech, 
we schedule a C-Section in 3 weeks.

My mom lets us borrow her car.

I'm pregnant!!
(..But SOMETHING is not right...)
1 week after hearing the good news about being pregnant,
the doctor confirms my worst fears:
I'm having a miscarriage.

Melissa has Annaise the NEXT week.

The miscarriage makes me majorly anemic, & VERY ill.

A week after being home, Annaise has a Staph infection,
spends a week in Swedish.


That last one was about 4 months ago...

Since then some one has tried to steal BOTH "Sam" (Even though she dosn't RUN)
& the new fixer-upper tegger we had bought to get around in.

I'm sure somewhere along the way things will change for the better...
but I'm losing my patience waiting for that day to come.


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MFBLegos In My Pocket
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